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Birth Of A New Drawing Artist

I started drawing after 2012, because the idea generated to do this drawing works after my majour surgery. In that time I was living in a room and no one can come to visit because o the infection problems . To avoid this loneliness, I think to do any thing, what I can. So I started to draw the pictures.

Paving The Path To Success

After my surgery, I had regular checkups 2 days in a week. It was too boring to go to hospital and return back to home. In this time, I made up a stronger relationship between some of the doctors, nurses and other staffs who worked in the KIMS Hospital. Because of the stronger relationship, I thought to draw their portraits. at the first time the ideas comes to the mind just like a flowing river.
Supports From A Friend
My friend Siva is my idea generator and almost of my supporter in the beginning period, who always keeps a strong touch with drawings. He also given a moral support me to draw. It was the starting point of my pencil drawings.

Starting Stage Of Drawings

At the beginning stages of my drawings it is very difficult to draw the portraits promptly. I have no ideas, how to draw a portrait. So I think to draw an eye at first. It was very hard to draw an eye, with never destroy the beauty of it. After my continues practices, I can do my levels best. and also I Practiced to draw a portrait in full.

Difficulties On The Drawing

After the completion of portrait, it was my next problem to give the suitable shades for it. At the first time of shading, it was too boring to see the portraits. But my strong believes never allow me to do the worst. After the long practice, I could do the best.

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Encouragements From The Belovers

When I finish my works for the KIMS, I submit the drawings to the belongers. They like the drawings and encourage me to do it more conveniently. And also given more pictures of them for draw. My family stills giving supports and encouragements.

Pencil Drawings

Pencil Art, technique in which pigments are mixed with hot, liquid wax. After all of the colours have been applied to the painting surface, a heating element is passed over them until the individual brush or spatula marks fuse into a uniform film.

Color Pencil Drawings

Color Pencil Drawings, Here is giving some of color pencil drawings of some characters. Mostly did single characters. But Here also giving family drawings too.