Digital Painting of Actors and other characters…

Digital painting is a relatively new but already established art form. It’s a medium that typically combines a computer, a graphics tablet, and software of choice. The artist uses painting and drawing techniques with the stylus that comes with the graphics tablet to create 2D paintings within digital art software.

Smudging means that you have to work less to achieve shading. You simply put some graphite down and then smear it to cover a larger area much more quickly, thanks to the resulting blurred shadow. Browse our range of art pencils, pastels and charcoals.
It can feel like cheating because it is about as close to tracing as you can get. Then again, there clearly is some kind of trend going on here. Smudge paintings have a real, discernible style to them, and there are a lot of people making them.
When It’s Cheating. When you trace to get praise and admiration for drawing a pretty artwork, it’s cheating. The audience doesn’t really admire your part of the work (drawing the lines), but the part that wasn’t created by you (the arrangement of lines resulting in something pretty)
We can also use the smudge technique in pencil drawing 
Here’s how: On a sheet of paper take a pencil and tightly lay down a lot of graphite in a small area. take the tip of the blending stump and rub it around in the graphite, turning the stump as you rub so you can load up the whole tip with graphite.